Steffen Volkmer b

Steffen Volkmer. Photo: wepubli.com 


Steffen Volkmer
Press- & PR-Manager for Comics & Books/Senior Editor
Panini Verlags GmbH, Stuttgart

Steffen Volkmer is editor and head of PR and press relations at Panini Verlags GmbH in Stuttgart. Panini releases include the world-famous Marvel and DC Comics. Heroes like Spider-Man or Batman. But also classics like The Simpsons or MAD Magazine are published by Panini.



Name your favorite book or author.

My favorite comic: The Watchmen. A graphic novel by Alan Moore.


Imagine you open the newspaper in the morning. What headline would you like to read about yourself?

I would like to see that a cure for cancer has been found, although I have really nothing to do with it professionally. But that would be a great headline.


When you were younger, what did you want to be? Did you ever think you would be doing what you do today?

A Sielmann or Grzimek, that is a maker of films about wildlife. Because of the chance to observe animals and also because driving land rovers was so cool. I actually did achieve part of this dream: I drive an SUV today and I also have quite a lot to do with animals because I ride and have a dog and I like to take pictures. But I was also a comic book fan since childhood and now work in the industry, so that hobby has become a profession. I get paid, so to speak, to do my hobbies.


This short interview was conducted at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.


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