Ramona Rockel b

Ramona Rockel. Photo: privat 


Ramona Rockel
Publishing Director
iF Design Media GmbH, Hannover

Ramona Rockel is publishing director at iF Design Media GmbH in Hannover. In addition to publishing the iF design awards yearbooks and other iF publications on selected questions of design, the IF also prints books and other print products for its customers.


Describe yourself in three words.

Open, communicative and "different from your first impression".


When you were younger, what did you want to be? Did you ever think you would be doing what you do today?

I thought about becoming a social worker or a biologist. I definitely did not want to work in banking despite my parents' wishes. And then it all changed. After my first job in a media agency, I knew that the publishing industry is right for me.


What object could you not live without – Tablet or Book?

I use my tablet every day. I'm reading books more on the weekends or on vacation where I can switch off and quite deliberately rest. Both I'd hate to do without either.


Do you have a favorite bookstore?

I really don't have a favorite bookstore. Most often, however, I shop at a bookstore I come across again and again because of their good location. In addition, it is bright, inviting and has a great reading café.


What was the first book that you read as a child?

Whether it was the first book, I can't say with certainty. But there is actually a children's book that I remember to this day. The title was "The Timid Rabbit" [by Elizabeth Shaw – ed.]. The book really made quite an impression on me as a child, because the little rabbit saved his friend Uli and the whole village from the evil fox.


What are you reading currently?

The last book I read was "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared". I liked it.



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