Zdravka Govedarica b

Zdravka Govedarica. Photo: wepubli.com 


Zdravka Govedarica
General Manager
The Genuine Company Ltd., Zagreb

Zdravka Govedarica works as General Manager at The Genuine Company Ltd. in Zagreb, a producer of geographical maps for children.



Describe yourself in three words.

Optimistic, dynamic, loyal


Imagine you open the newspaper in the morning. What headline would you like to read about yourself?

A headline about a successful aid support or something that has to with personal professional success would be great.


Name your favorite book or author.

I'd say I have favorite books. Especially, poetry. I even published my own book of poetry fifteen years ago. My favorite author is: Khalil Gibran from Lebanon. But beyond that I also like history and architecture books very much.


This short interview was conducted at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.


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