Tamara Laske b

Tamara Laske. Photo: wepubli.com 


Tamara Laske
arsEdition, Munich

Tamara Laske is spokeswoman for Munich publisher arsEdition. In addition to gift books, arsEdition publishes children's books.




Describe yourself in three words.

Open-minded, interested, helpful.


Name your favorite book or author.

The absolute favorite title for everybody at our house is entitled "Boy Nobody". A spy thriller story about a teenager who is kidnapped and trained as a secret agent.


When you were younger, what did you want to be? Did you ever think you would be doing what you do today?

I wanted to be a construction engineer, but was not good enough in physics and math. After that I really wanted to be a journalist, which is what I studied. Then I got my start in press and PR work. So my second career choice was in the right direction.


Imagine you open the newspaper in the morning. What headline would you like to read about yourself?

I'd rather read something about our company than about myself: such as arsEdition and bloomoon offer the most beautiful books in Germany...


This short interview was conducted at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.


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